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The Doctoral Programme
“Immune Modulation in Respiratory Diseases”

Aims / Objectives

To tackle the major challenge of combining the many different aspects relevant to inflammation research into one training program, RESPImmun offers cutting edge thesis projects covering both basic and translational research with defined clinical implications. Within the next 5 to 10 years RESPImmun will have resulted in the following achievements:
  • Through its strong translational orientation RESPImmun will fulfil this mission as documented by several ground-breaking contributions to lung and vascular research, as evidenced by top-ranking publications, coordination of large national and international research consortia and translation of several key findings into clinical use and exploitation.
  • RESPImmun will profoundly foster the career development of young basic and clinician scientists, as well as gender equality in its faculty.
  • RESPImmun will provide a new generation of highly trained young researchers and PIs who will be endowed to push the boundaries of respiratory research during the next decades. Students will be trained at the highest level in translational respiratory research by a multidisciplinary consortium and will work on highly challenging research projects. They will be involved in national and international pulmonology/thoracic societies and industrial exchange.
  • International exposure will foster scientific exchange and lead to the development of strong international cooperations, both for the students and the consortium. This will be another pivotal step to further establish Graz as a leading center of respiratory research.