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Selection of doctoral candidates

International advertisement of PhD positions and application procedure

Eligibility criteria and application requirements: Researchers of all nationalities are encouraged to apply. The language of instruction is English and applicants are expected to be highly proficient in this language. Since English communication skills will be extensively proved in the course of the application process, a certificate of English proficiency is not required. Applicants must fulfill the legal requirements of Austrian Universities to be admitted for doctoral studies, i. e. an educational level corresponding to a master’s degree. Bachelor and Masters combined should add up to 300 ECTS credits. Generally, applicants should have spent at least six months at the bench in a research laboratory during their undergraduate courses.

Application process: Applications will have to be made exclusively through the online platform Glowbase. Here, the candidates must complete a questionnaire (including scientific CV, honors, scholarships, awards, international experience, publications, research experience, scientific interest, letter of motivation). Furthermore applicants have to nominate two referees. Each referee is asked to provide a description of the professional relationship with the candidate, and write a recommendation letter, evaluating them with regard to knowledge, originality, independence, commitment to science, communication and technical skills, teamwork and flexibility.

Assessment of applications

Successful applicants are selected on the basis of a competitive and transparent process by a three-step selection procedure controlled at all stages by the International Selection Committee (Faculty + External Advisory Board (EAB) + Dean of Doctoral Studies). A representative of the Working Group on Equal Opportunities is involved throughout the process.
  • Step 1: Ranking of all formally approved applications.
  • Step 2: Skype interviews with the most eligible applicants. The joint evaluation of applications according to established criteria results in a final rating of the applicants.
  • Step 3: Personal hearing at MedUni.

Process of matching doctoral candidates to supervisors

During the personal hearing in Graz: The faculty will introduce their ongoing research topics and applicants are asked to give a scientific presentation on their research experience. A personal interview is then conducted by the selection committee. Candidates also have the possibility to interview the supervisors during so called “Meet-the-PI Sessions”; and visit laboratories of their interest, where they can talk informally to lab members, about working conditions, team spirit and scientific approaches in the respective group. Only applicants with the highest rating will be accepted for the doctoral program, applying the categories: • Motivation, • reference letters, • scientific maturity, • international exposure, • English and communication skills, • undergraduate grades, • research interest etc.

Laboratory rotation: After the successful admission to the program, students perform three rotations in different research groups of their choice, for a period of one month in which students perform research in the laboratory. It is also an excellent opportunity for students to learn to think across disciplines and build up first collaborations and cross-disciplinary skillsets.